Cricket is boring! Fact.

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Let’s face it and let’s be honest. Cricket is, has been and will be a boring sport in face of other more interesting and exciting options. It is a game that is well suited to the dull because even at it’s most crazy fast exciting T-20 mode it just barely pulls ahead of baseball and golf in the exciting category.

Cricket especially for Pakistanis doesn’t support their national character. We Pakistanis as a nation are composed of a group of adventurers, invaders and conquers from the south, north and west of the land. For an eager and restless people seeking to expand (even one of the province is called the North West Frontier Province) and not settling Cricket is terribly static, slow and docile.

Pakistanis like cricket because they are not exposed to other sports at the street level. From childhood we are exposed to this dull sport, the root of cricket take a firm place by the time a child reaches adolescence and then there is no turning back, it is either cricket or nothing. And we like it maybe because we are kinda good at it, at times very good. Well we are king of the hill when it comes to home series even against the likes of Aussies but let’s not digress Cricket does need a bit of chin wag to keep it alive which the Aussies are good at even when they are rubbish at playing cricket in Pakistan and UAE. And because Cricket is very technical to play one has to be indoctrinated and trained from childhood, the bowling action alone is quite complex to master, once one has gone past teenage it’s almost impossible, hence the only attraction is really for those that had intimately played the game with all the sweat blood and guts and that’s every primary and high schooler in Pakistan.

Why we couldn’t take up Rugby from the Brits I don’t know, maybe an odd shaped bat was more easily available then an odd shaped ball. Ruby does indeed have something more in common with our nature, it still doesn’t quite cut it for being a National sport for Pakistan. American football perhaps? it has all the tapering for being a Pakistan National sport, it is aggressive, it is diplomatic chess like, it is something of the old world into the new, a relativity recent sport compared to cricket, it is unpredictable, the great game can go on until the very last and still the result uncertain, this is a game where a David can take on the Goliath, it is explosive (no pun intended) it is attritional, it uses brain, it uses brawn, so far it ticks all the boxes for being Pakistan’s National sport. Does cricket offer these characteristics ? No! Ever wonder why Pakistan excels at aggressive pace bowling? who invented reverse swing? Cricket doesn’t offer the sort of aggressiveness and guile on a regular basis that American football demands as a pre-requisite hence Cricket is at discord with our National character. Cricket is a sport for the docile not the dynamic, it is a sport of the luxurious and not the athlete. Cricket is an antithesis to our National character and we must discard it from our sports curriculum. Nuff sed.

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