Speed Demon: Wahab Riaz

It's a nice breezy mid march night in Adelaide, the stratosphere is witnessing a saintly halo around the floodlit Adelaide Oval in south Australia.  Michael Clark the Australian Captain has just been bounced out, caught at forward short leg in the 11th over preventing the batsmen to cross over, next comes in Shane Watson averaging... Continue Reading →

Cricket is boring! Fact.

Let's face it and let's be honest. Cricket is, has been and will be a boring sport in face of other more interesting and exciting options. It is a game that is well suited to the dull because even at it's most crazy fast exciting T-20 mode it just barely pulls ahead of baseball and... Continue Reading →

From Coach to Captain

Strategy to tactics, real time all the time Sports in this day and age with all the technology and analytics employed is like warfare. Side lines are the command and control centres, coaching staff akin to Generals, the team Captain a tactical commander on the field.  A match is a battle, a tournament a war, skirmishes are... Continue Reading →

NFL: Who let the dogs out?

!!Reader beware!! This is not cricket but this is good very good. The pass rushing end in a 4-3 defensive scheme with four lines men and three line backers are responsible for disrupting the pass play by getting to the passer the Quarter back and tacking him before he is able to throw the ball,... Continue Reading →

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